Monday, March 16, 2009

SoDu's new home

Exciting times for me and SoDu Gallery! I bought a commercial condo space for SoDu to move into. The woman who owned it and ran the store is thrilled we are taking it over and has nothing but good wishes for us. She gave me some display stands and an antique telephone. Interestingly enough, we have three armoires in the present gallery that we bought from another shop... but they were originally in this store, so they are going home. When I went to the electric company to turn on the power, the woman said the electricity was last turned on for that store... exactly 15 years ago.
My girlfriends and I spent many happy hours browsing the vintage clothing and curios at Nannie Mixsells. It was a great favorite in Key West for many years and everyone was heartbroken when it closed, so I hope I get the good karma from that place.
I think I will. You know when something is meant to be everything goes smoothly? So far everything has fallen into place just like a dream!

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